We provide a full range of delivery tracking, delivery management, advanced routing, GPS integration and tracking, mobile resource management, mobile fleet scheduling, transportation logistics, and fleet solutions.

Smart Mobile Transit products seamlessly integrate with existing business systems, and provide a flexible and scalable platform to meet business growth. Build a tool-set within your organization to trim costs and boost operational efficiency. All of our customers have relationships with our implementation and support staff enabling us to learn their operations, listen to their needs, and respond with programming enhancements and additions.

The sleek experience of the driver-app and easy usability keeps drivers focused on the road.

Fleet Management System

Minimize risks that come with vehicle investment, reduce transportation and employee overheads, improve efficiency and productivity.

Asset Tracking

Track all your shipments in real-time and on a digital map with integrations such as GPS.

Create and Modify App Schedules

Manage employee app schedules and avoid mix-ups. With a custom app, drivers and technicians can simply check in via the app.

Self-Assist Apps

Every vehicle needs a thorough examination before hitting the road. Create custom checklists based on employee job profile to reduce risks. Provide emergency contact details and such.

Warehousing App

All materials have a shelf life and need storage. Manage storage inventory on the mobile app and accelerate your response to changing business needs.

Reduce the Paperwork Burden

Segregate app digital paperwork based on specificity or chronology of importance to streamline materials loading and handover.

Features include

  • View list of assigned and available jobs
  • Get directions to pickup and dropoff
  • Chat with customer prior to trip
  • Automatically track distance, time, and stops
  • Get signature and charge client

Benefits Include

  • Allows users to locate, track, and optimize vehicles
  • Offers a high degree of precision with the ability to observe the exact location of every vehicle
  • Automatically capture delivery point arrival and departure times
  • Capability to retrace vehicle movements to ensure driver compliance
  • Built in reporting for management

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