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The increasing awareness about saving the planet from various environmental threats has caused even the largest industries to take notice and take a stand so they can contribute to the initiative instead of making matters worse.

The automotive industry has been one of the primary contributors to environmental degradation, particularly in air pollution. There have been efforts from the automobile manufacturers in trying to address this issue. Electric cars are seen to be one of the best solutions, and this spurred the introduction of electric mobility technologies.

Electric vehicles have to draw on infrastructure to work, and the components under this segment include charging station, maintenance, value-added services, billing, power generation, power distribution and storage, and space providers.

Electric Mobility Service Providers (EMSPs)

  • Our cloud-based solution supports multiple charging scenarios, whether your drivers charge at home, in depot or at public charge points, ensuring high utilization rates. Gain access to comprehensive data analytics, which provide business insights about charging patterns, energy consumption, drivers and vehicles.
  • Our bespoke billing solution has been designed specifically for EV charging industry, and addresses every aspect of your operations, including support for flexible tariff management, various business models and price plans, multiple currencies, real-time rating and invoicing.
  • Integration to established roaming platforms including Hubject, GIREVE, allows drivers to seamlessly charge wherever they are. Through interoperability our software handles authorization, token synchronization and transaction exchange.


  • Perfect solution for CPOs with varied charger infrastructure.
  • Industry-standard protocols – OCPP, OCPI, OCHP, OICP, eMIP and more.
  • Proprietary protocols – with tools to support and integrate any protocol.
  • Supporting exponential EV market growth and future technologies.

EV Charging App

Smart Mobile Transit develops software for e-mobility with a perspective on Smart City, Smart Grid and Smart Transportation. We serve global EV charging network operators and providers with our cloud-based, scalable platform to optimize operations and increase driver satisfaction.

Drivers, personal and entire fleets, can easily manage their rides with beautiful, native mobile apps on both iOS and Android.

  • EV-app combines real time data from the stations with the unique preferences and data of the end-user. The app enables routing taking into consideration the cars range, charge-level, traffic data, driving style, etc. It also includes automatic filtration of non-wanted or out-of-order charging stations where available.
  • EV-app routes the EV-driver through multiple charging stations from point A to point B. It dynamically changes the route depending on congestion and availability of infrastructure, curing the charging and range anxiety that EV owners experience today.
  • We maintain a large up-to-date database of EV makes, models and versions each with their own consumption properties.
  • Automated Alert Management System (AMS) enables 24/7 issue detection and prioritization to avoid impact on drivers. Automated self-healing algorithms remotely address almost any of operational problems with EV chargers.

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